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Snow, Snow, (s)NOOOOO(w).

For those of you who don’t know, winter in Louisiana is usually a balmy 70 degrees with three or four “cold snaps” that consist of temps at highs of 60 & lows of 35. Because God has a sense of humor, we usually have a cold Easter. Alas, a few days after the last of the egg salad’s been devoured our temps shoot up to 85 –complete with 1000% humidity. It’s just as groovy as it sounds.

However, 2021 clearly will not be out-shone by 2020 and, in true 2020 2.0 fashion, the southern half of the United States (except Florida, because why the hell not) became the unofficial set of Winterfell — complete with nightwalkers.

I believe I speak for everyone here when I say we are NOT built for these shenanigans. I’m fully insulated enough to build up a sweat in Walmart if my cart becomes loaded down (kidding), but my fluffiness is not equipped to withstand arctic blasts from Mister Snow Miser. And speaking from someone who has worked both home and auto insurance claims that weren’t the byproducts of The Tundra, I was not super excited about the winter wonderland that befell us.

Obviously, I don’t meant to sound like Scrooge McDuck. The snow was lovely and I did enjoy seeing my boys play in the frozen stuff in true southern-kid snow garb (layers, layers, layers, and socks for mittens). Mason, in particular, loved the snow and I had to practically drag him in before he froze. However, that’s where the fun and games end. I currently work for a propane company and Y’ALL — when I tell say you’d think the world was ending, I mean it. You know the old saying, “When southerners get snow, they buy all the milk and bread?” That’s inaccurate. It should say, “When southerners get snow, they buy all the toilet paper & propane.” We’re simply not accustomed to driving on icy roads and we lack the equipment and supplies with which travel in winter weather is made possible. Needless to say, I’ve never been more grateful to see our temps back in the 60s & 70s like they’ve been this week.

It was an adventure, to be sure. 2021 could get its act together right this minute and still leave a memorable mark on history.

In other news, I officially hit $10K in sales with Limelife (I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking something out for so long) and our little arcade made a YEAR this month. That’s right, we survived a pandemic. Having lived in CenLa all my life, I’ll admit that I was dubious when my husband and his friend wanted to open an arcade in this area. Vintage arcades are a hard market to sell as far as “novelty” goes, but our little town has really embraced the business and has been an amazing support. We’ve got surprises in store and to say I’m equal parts relived and appreciative is putting it lightly.

Kids just got off the bus, so I’m going to stop here. Enjoy the weekend!