Hey, guys!  My name is Sarah.  So glad you could make it to my little corner of the world.


I’m a “dirty thirty” wife to to Evan and a forever boy mom to Gabe (8), Connor (4), and Mason (3 months).  I’ve lived in Central Louisiana (CenLa) all my life.  As a result, I have an accent and I talk with my hands.  I’m also a hugger.  So if you’re not into hugs, accents, or someone waving their hands incessantly, we probably won’t be pals.  But you’re missing out.  😉


Gabe is my wild man and my sweetheart.  As always, I can always count on a great big Gabe hug when the day has been long.  We have recently discovered that my little guy has Sensory Processing Disorder.  It has been a wild ride of new adventures and there are sure to be many more.  As hard as it has been to learn, it is also a relief to know that he can learn how to deal.  We’re not viewing this as disabling — but instead, just as an obstacle course that we’re pushing through together.  No challenge too big!  He is a Lego fanatic and I call him my builder extraordinaire.  He also has a strange fascination with bow-ties.

Connor is four going-on ninety.  He is sometimes pretty grouchy but dancing is his weakness.  Lovingly referred to as “old man”, he’s a mess and devastatingly nocturnal.  We’re working on it.  He adores Gabe and anything he sees big brother doing.  He is Gabe’s bossy little side-kick.  His favorite things (besides his big bro) are being outdoors, PJ Masks, and fruit snacks.  I could feasibly be a stock-holder in Mott’s at this point.  Just saying.

Mason is our newest little addition.  His brothers are over the moon with him and Ev and I think he’s pretty amazing, too.  I cannot wait to learn all about him as he grows and to see where his little interests will lie.  For now, I’ll soak up all the baby snuggles and (very wet) baby kisses.  I know from experience that in a week or so he’ll be four and peeing on my bathroom floor.

I am a lover of all things beautiful and simple, a sucker for tulips & daisies, and a wanna-be architectural buff.  I almost never (okay, never) turn down a Diet Coke and have a weakness for peanut butter, chocolate, and Nutella.  Give me all four of those things and I’m yours for life.


Other things that make my heart beat:

  • My parents.  They have been my greatest support system all my life — even when I didn’t want them to be.
  • My siblings.  I’m so proud of their accomplishments and am thrilled that we’ve all gotten closer as we’ve gotten older.
  • British dramas.  ERMUHGERD.  Give me a marathon of Downton Abbey, Father Brown, or Grantchester and I’m all set.
  • I love music and my guilty pleasure is late 90’s – early 00’s hip hop.  I only get to play that when I’m childless, so you can probably guess how often that (doesn’t) happen.
  • Real-life comedy.  I’ve listened to Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby bits since I was a kid.  These days I can really relate to their routines which somehow gives frustrating situations a bit of levity.
  • Photography.  I am very much an amateur photographer, but beautiful photography has always had a way of captivating me.  There’s just something about taking a photo of something seemingly normal and finding the beauty in an angle.
  • Fixer Upper.  Joanna Gaines is my spirit animal — swear it.  I dream of flipping homes one day!
  • And, obviously, writing.  From a very young age, I’ve loved writing.  I credit a former teacher turned current friend with my passion for written expression.  She really helped ignite a spark in me that I never knew existed.

There’s so much more that I’d like to share with you, but momma-duty calls.  Thanks for checking me out!  Can’t wait to share this crazy life with y’all.