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What is This “Effortless” You Speak Of?

What is with all of these “effortless” families I’m seeing on Instagram lately? Like, seriously. There is no way on Earth that you always look like you’re ready for an impromptu photo shoot.

I mean, we get it. You like for everyone to think that you have it all together as though you’ve stepped out from the pages of a Nordstrom catalog. And it really helps brand your creative image. But just like those effortless buns, that, again, let’s face it, we all know took you 2 hours and a 1/2 a can of dry shampoo to put together, we know all about the righteous chaos that is your life. Why? Oh, honey. Because we’re there, too.

Embrace it. Accept it. Life with children, although a wonderful thought, is not a fanciful, whimsical world. It is chaotic, loud, and often a muddy mess. Even Princess Kate has her off-days — even though, thanks to royal protocol, her kiddos kind of have to always look put-together. But don’t be fooled! She’s definitely the kind of mom I’d want to have triple shot mimosas with.

Listen, I’m not mom shaming or even being judgmental. I’d love to be “that mom” who color coordinates with her kids and has matching (but not matchy-matchy) tee shirts. I’d also love for my own messy-yet-effortless bun to be less Miss Trunchbull and more sexy, exotic Pinterest board, but that’s just not my life. But I digress. Like I said, I’m not mom shaming. I’m inviting you to the ease of letting kids pick out their own outfits (within reason and season), pull on some leggings, and come sit amongst my laundry pile fort and have a margarita with me. It’s five o’clock somewhere, and even if it isn’t I’ll toast up some frozen waffles and we’ll call it brunch.

You can go back to your regularly scheduled programming of fake-it-or-make-it after you’ve ugly cried and even uglier laughed during a Boy Meets World/chips and salsa marathon if you want. I won’t mind. But come sit with us hot mess moms for a second. You may hate it — but I’m betting you won’t.

Just a heads up — we wear pink on Wednesdays. But only because Karen left a red sock in with her whites a few weeks back and, well, we still haven’t beaten that joke to death yet.

30 thoughts on “What is This “Effortless” You Speak Of?”

  1. I never really understood the allure of effortless to be honest. There’s nothing I enjoy more than putting in hard work and seeing results – or even not seeing results, and just knowing that I gave it my all. Effortless is a myth in my eyes!

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  2. We all have our put-together days just as we have our hot mess moments. Sometimes I start our out together and end up hot mess. Or the other way around. Regardless, let’s embrace it all! Moms unite in all forms and stages!

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  3. Amen! I always wonder how “those moms” do it. I can’t take a picture anywhere in my home without a dozen toys on the floor and dirty handprints on the wall. Kudos to them for being/appearing so put together!

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    1. Yes! I tried to do something “styled” the other day, and by the time I’d cleared everything out of the way and got my kids settled I was just over it. Definitely kudos to them!


  4. 🙏🙏🙏Preach it mama! I am right there with you. I refuse to post constant put together pictures because well…I’m just not! I have four kids and ain’t nobody have time to be put together 😂

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  5. HAHAHAHHAHAHA LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Effortless Motherhood my butt… Unless you have a nanny, maid, chef, and butler you know every mom out there is walking with our sanity hanging by a thread. My favorite social media posts are the ones where everyone it put together and the caption says “this picture only took 3 hours to prepare for 20 tried to take the picture and after the picture little johny started crying because it was 30 minutes past is nap time!”

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