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My Favorite Gifts for Kiddos

I’m a mom of three boys — invites to kids’ birthday parties come with the territory. Ditto on my own boys’ parties. There’s not a month that we don’t have at least one shindig to attend, and I’m totally fine with that. I need the socializing as much as my kids do, and what better place to connect with other mom friends than at a place where there’s guiltless cake and probably wine of some sort? (I’m in the south — don’t judge.)


Because I’ve got three kids with ages ranging from 6 months to 8 years, I’ve definitely got my favorite “go-to” gifts for other kids. I try to stray from trendy items because:

A) Often times, they already have those toys, or

B) I’m not 100% sure what he or she is into.

Look, we all want our kids to enjoy themselves. And it is totally fine for our littles to be drawn to the latest, greatest, & loudest. But coming from a mom whose children are surrounded by loud toy guns, trucks, video games, and Legos (if you think Legos can’t be loud, then clearly you’ve never been around a boy with Legos), sometimes I prefer to give other kids fun activities (with minimal mess) and their moms a much-deserved break from all things battery operated.


The things I’ve got in store for you today still allow kids to be kids, but it also provides an opportunity for fun family experiences. I hope you find something cool for your little guy or gal’s next birthday party adventure!

  1. Zoo passesgift1
  2. Fun subscription boxes

    *The above boxes are from Kiwi & Co. I am not affiliated with nor am I receiving any sort of compensation from Kiwi & Co.

  3. Movie passes with enough for drink/snack
    Image found here:
  4. Age appropriate arts & crafts sets.

    *Brit+Co Metal Stamp Necklace Kit

    *Discovery Kids Crane Tower Set

  5. Board games

    *The Oregon Trail

    *Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

    Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents

I also love incorporating books of some sort into my gift, especially for little ones. What are some of your go-to gifts for kids? I’m always game to add to my list of ideas.

24 thoughts on “My Favorite Gifts for Kiddos”

    1. We have soooooo many toys here — I’m constantly purging random things that either aren’t played with or are broken. We appreciate everything we’re given, and in general the boys are very grateful. But buying toys for thirty kids during the year can get exasperating. Unless we know the little guy or girl REALLY well, we stick to that list.


  1. I’m all about adding books too (I’m a teacher!). The movie passes and gift boxes are cool ideas that I would have never thought of.

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    1. We’re all about books! My kids love to read, and I encourage that. I’ve given my niece the Madeline series and she loved them as much as I did when I was young.

      And I’m totally digging subscription boxes! They’re so fun and kids really get into them. Besides, who doesn’t like getting fun mail every month??


  2. I love your suggestions! Especially the movies and zoo passes. I just started saying “no gifts, please” for my girls because we have way too many toys, but giving an experience can be so much more meaningful!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve given zoo passes so many times, and kids love them! I even include train fare as our local zoo provides that experience. Sometimes, if finances are favorable, I get a zoo membership so the family can have zoo days free of charge for a year. So fun and so much more memorable!


  3. The craft toys and the zoo tickets are very good choices! I love this post, it gives me also the idea of what to give for my god-child! Perfect!

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  4. These are gifts of experience! My Kids would love all these – the zoo and movies are particular favorites at our home. Brilliant! 👍🏼

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  5. I love the idea of a zoo pass. This year our family gifted us activities for the kids over the summer. It’s been the best summer yet, and I’m so happy to be outside instead of playing with the toy they’re only interested in for 1 week.

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