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End of Spring Break for the Win

Yesterday ended our school’s spring break, or as I like to call it, “Summer Vacation Rehearsal”.  Y’all, I need all the drinks.

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Was it all bad?  No.  But my boys have both reached those spectacular ages that leave them arguing with one another incessantly.  These days they even argue over the attention of the baby!  Sounds cute, right?  Wrong!  More like infuriating.  Add to the arguing the time change and a full moon over spring break, and it’s really a small wonder that my liver has not been fully pickled.

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Our first day of the holiday went off relatively well but quickly spiraled into the abyss not-so-fondly known as “sibling rivalry”.  In an effort to keep my sanity, I took the boys bowling this past Wednesday.  Our local lanes offer great discounts during school holidays, so we took advantage of the lower prices.  I’d be lying if I said that the day didn’t go by smoothly.  We ran our errands, grabbed a bite to eat, and finally made our way to the bowling alley.  Gabe and Connor were beyond excited (this was Con’s first time ever bowling) and were eager to start our frame as soon as we got there.  Connor was so excited, in fact, that he took off for a lane and nearly slid all the way down.  Luckily, my momma Puma-like reflexes caught up with him.  I explained to him the importance of staying behind the line, but of course, he is my button-pusher and line-crosser so I had to reiterate several times that his head would get stuck in the ball return and that I’d rather not make our monthly trip to the ER over spring break, so if he could please just stick to rolling balls down the aisle instead of his body that would be swell.


We had a great time once we finally got to the activity at hand.  My boys had a blast and for one hour there was no arguing, “he-said-he-said”, or jabs to the eyeballs.  Because I don’t agree with just letting kids win for the sake of keeping whining to a minimum, mama came away with the high score.  Was it a fair game?  Not really.  But I feel like it is my job as their mom to teach them good sportsmanship in winning as well as in losing.  I’m no bowling rockstar, though, and I didn’t win by a landslide; Connor was a mere four points behind me.  Gabe, bless him, rolled a 65.  He could have scored higher had he not insisted on using a fifteen-pound bowling ball.  I tried telling him that the 9 or 10 pound would probably be a better fit, but he let me know in no uncertain terms that he was, in his words, “strong enough for a man-sized ball”, so I let him have the damn thing.  Naturally, after all was said and done and once Connor was out of earshot, he asked why I let him use such a heavy ball.  Freaking really, kid?

All in all, I enjoyed my day out with my boys.  It was nice to get out with all three of them (even though Mason slept the entire time), and that one day made our relatively hellish spring break worthwhile.

With that said, I am certainly mom and woman enough to admit that I was relieved to drip their little butts off at school this morning.  Have I missed them?  Please.  I’ve gotten more done today than I did in the five days they were home.  I love them, but my cleaning routine needed to get back into a routine.  I will see them tonight with their homework stations (and a ginormous margarita) at the ready.

37 thoughts on “End of Spring Break for the Win”

  1. I feel like spring break is so played up that it’s almost always disapointing. Sometimes you just need a chill week to take a break from the chaos that is regular life!

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  2. My boys are at the age where they argue like crazy, the younger one won’t share with the older one, and then the younger one cried because the older one quits trying to play with him. Let me tell you the joy 😂. Spring Break was pretty rough for us too. The youngest had his tonsils out and the weather was terrible. But we made it through! Thanks for relating!!

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  3. hahahah! “Have I missed them? PLEASE!” that made me laugh. I totally get it, girl!! I’m a little sad at the thought of my littles starting school, but also a little excited. Can’t lie!

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  4. This had me laughing at some parts, but then during others, it made me somewhat dread when my daughter is a little older and attends school. I know that I’ll be happy that she is learning and that will give me my me-time, but what the heck would I do with her at home for an entire week? lol. I guess I’m just so used to having her home with me right now, and it’s easy to occupy a 3-year-old at the moment.

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    1. My boys love school and I think they have a hard time coming out of their routine. It isn’t always hard to find things to do, but for some reason this past week was BRUTAL. Lol! Gotta brace myself for summer. 😂


  5. Too funny! They sound like quite the handful (and entertaining). I have a 9 year old and a 14 month old who worships her. My situation is a little different in that it was just my 9 year old and me for many years before I met my husband. And I always worked during her breaks. So now that I’m a SAHM, I greatly anticipate her time off from school. And I’m always bummed when school starts back up. The in between, though, is always perplexing. A mix of happiness that she’s here, and wanting to scream because she argues with me incessantly. Motherhood is a trip!


    1. Motherhood is one of those trips that starts off like a Seinfeld episode and ends with you feeling exhausted but glad to be a momma. Until they start arguing, and then we cut from commercial right back to Seinfeld.


  6. I SO feel you in this! I enjoyed having my daughter (6) home cause she was helpful BUT I LOVE being in our normal routine so I was definitely ready for that when spring break was done!

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  7. I love your writing style. I was laughing out loud at this. I think all moms can relate. I’m a SAHM to a toddler, but I feel like this after my husband has a week off and finally goes back to work haha

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  8. This is just adorable, honest, and hilarious! I love the last line about homework and a margarita! #momgoals haha my son is 6-months old and I am seeing the need for many cocktails in my future!

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    1. Oh, man. I know those feels. My middle boy just started pre-k this year. I hate to say it, but I was excited — just because it’s so good for him. He’s eager to learn and doesn’t do well unless there’s a challenge.


  9. Our spring break just ended and it was absolute chaos! The kids were fighting the entire time and it makes me extremely nervous about summer!! I see a lot of comps in the pictur our spring break just ended and it was absolute chaos! The kids were fighting the entire time and makes me extremely nervous about summer!! I see a lot of camps in their future!!!

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  10. My two oldest daughters went back to school last Wednesday. Sometimes when they are off for few days, they start to bug each other. Glad you guys had fun bowling. My family and I haven’t gone bowling in a long time. We’ll definitely have to go again sometime soon.

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    1. Thank you! It’s hard to find out-of-the-house activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg! We have some great options here, but during school breaks and summertime everything either goes up in cost or is packed full. But bowling was definitely a win. I just found out that the bowling alley is hosting a bowling camp over the summer, so I’ll probably check that out for both of them.


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