Moist You Use That Word?!

Moist [moist] adj. – damp, humid, muggy, clammy, dank

Freaking dank.  I could go on, but really — I think “dank” pretty well sums up why so many people hate the word “moist”.  It sounds gross, plain and simple.  And, no; I do not feel at all silly for hating that word.  If “moist” were Lindsay Lohan, I’d be giving it totally unnecessary blog attention.  That’s how much I loathe that word.


Listen, I’m a parent.  I’m a parent who all too frequently uses words of the four-letter variety, followed by an overdone speech to my kids of why we don’t use said four-letter words.  But my kids have never heard me utter the word moist and I’ll be damned if they ever do.  In fact, they’d be grounded for life faster than they could say, “let’s make mom cringe” for even thinking of the word moist.  So kids, let that settle in and don’t get any bright ideas.


The other day a fellow mom commented on how moist some cupcakes were that she’d made.  Y’all, I couldn’t even eat the damn things.  Seriously.  Perfectly good chocolate on chocolate action and I COULDN’T. EAT. EVEN. ONE.  I’m a hangry thick girl.  All that did was piss me off.  And my inability to consume what were likely perfectly good cupcakes made me wonder why the word moist (and yes, I’m using the word so much for a reason) could throw me into a complete gag state.  Being the utter nerd (and insomniac) that I am, I decided to do a little research.  Evidently, a large percentage of people who dislike the word “moist” relate it to bodily functions; only a small percentage dislike the sound.  Evidently, I belong to the small percentage as I’ve never thought of bodily anything based off of a word.  Of course, I could blame motherhood to boys for this, too.  I’m all the time hearing fart jokes and listening to my boy children discuss bathroom topics, so perhaps I’ve developed some sort of weird immunity to that end.

Obviously, I can never let the boys know of my total discomfort regarding the word that shall not be named.  Somehow they’d manage to fit it into every sentence and I just can’t have that kind of nonsense running rampant through my house.  It’s bad enough that my husband is aware of my disdain for the “m” word.  So I gotta know, guys.  What makes you cringe?  Am I the only weirdo (with the exception of my sister) who cannot abide this word?  Don’t leave me hanging!  Share your most hated words and/or phrases here.  I promise they’ll never leave this page.  😉

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