Enter Chaos

They say everyone (and everything) deserves a second chance.  So, here I am.  Second chancing it on my second blog.

Back in 2009 I started the “Being Momma” blog.  In a mere 8 years, so much has changed.  I started the blog as a newly single mom to a beautiful baby boy named Gabe.  My goal: to channel my lack of knowledge onto a post in a ironically comedic way.  It followed me through some college and through all of my parenting woes, drama, and hilarious moments as a first-time clueless momma, right on in to my second kiddo, Connor, and relationship to my, now, husband.  I took a step back from “Being Momma” due to life events.  Well, life has a funny way of grabbing you and shaking you back to reality.  I realized not so long ago that I missed writing.  I missed being passionate about something.  I fell into this constant role of “just motherhood”.  Don’t get me wrong — I adore my kids.  But somewhere between kids 1 & 3 I lost myself.  Somewhere in the midst of the chaos I fell to boredom and monotony.  I knew something HAD to change.  I had to find out if there was even a spark of “Sarah” left, or if I was just…. mom.

In 2015 I resigned from my long-time work position and dove head first into the SAHM lifestyle.  I thought it would be easy.  I thought I’d have it all together.  I. WAS. WRONG.  I quickly grew to resent the fact that my husband was still able to pull in a paycheck and have outside adult conversations and I was the self-dubbed “Poop Whisperer” whose only interaction with the outside world was with various cashiers and pediatricians.  I felt alone and allowed myself to wallow in self pity.  Again, don’t get me wrong.  I loved getting to know my kids better.  I loved being able to watch them grow, and there was no resentment towards them.  I knew they needed a momma more than they needed a day care.  But that fact didn’t make this very new lifestyle choice any less difficult.  I watched from a distance my friends continue on with their work and family lives and felt envious.  I couldn’t help but feel like I was still useful on a corporate scale and I was just bummed.

Fast forward to 2017.  I recently gave birth to the sweetest little boy, Mason.  He, like his brothers, is the light of my world.  It was shortly after his birth that I felt a new sense of purpose.  I felt invigorated and wanted to take a shot at spreading my wings again.  At long last, it felt like the old Sarah was trying to break out of a longtime shell.

So here I am.  Ready to seize and conquer.  Ready to make you laugh at my kids’ antics and the crazy circus that is my our life.  Welcome to my corner of the world, y’all.  Cannot wait to get to know you!

*photo credit: paperstormprints via pinterest. click picture for link.

3 thoughts on “Enter Chaos”

  1. You are a gifted writer and an amazing momma bear. But before you were anything else you were and still are a unique and lovely soul whose life has filled my heart. 😉


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